New Zealand

Z Tags RFID Number Export

To download the Text File containing the RFID numbers for your NAIT Tag Order, please make sure you have one of the following options:

  • The Z Tags Order Number (available on the Z Tags packing Slip supplied with your order) or
  • Your NAIT number

Using the Z Tags Order Number

Enter the Z Tags WEB Order. No. If your ordered via LIC, you may also use the LIC Sales Order number. Please click on the help button for details.

Select Export File Format & File Extension

File Format
     1Suitable for use with RFID Readers & Weigh Scales
File Extension

Using your NAIT Number

You can use your NAIT number to retrieve all orders placed with Z Tags and select the order(s) for the tags that you are requesting the RFID details for.
Please enter your NAIT Number and click on Next.