New Zealand

Zee Tags RFID Number Export

To download the Text File containing the RFID numbers for your NAIT Tag Order, please make sure you have one of the following options:

  • The Zee Tags Order Number (available on the Zee Tags packing Slip supplied with your order) or
  • Your NAIT number

Using the Zee Tags Order Number

Enter the Zee Tags WEB Order. No. If your ordered via LIC, you may also use the LIC Sales Order number. Please click on the help button for details.

Select Export File Format & File Extension

File Format
     1Suitable for use with RFID Readers & Weigh Scales
File Extension

Using your NAIT Number

You can use your NAIT number to retrieve all orders placed with Zee Tags and select the order(s) for the tags that you are requesting the RFID details for.
Please enter you NAIT No and click on Next.